Our Route around Europe

Our Route around Europe

Wednesday, September 3

Shuffle off to Buffalo, and Rochester, and Albany, and, ... eventually, ... New York Penn Station

A brief post from DofM who made it on the 14 hour (!) train journey from Toronto to New York yesterday. He went Business Class which cost only CAD$14 in upgrade but gave him 36" of legroom, leather very reclinable seats, and free refreshments in the snack bar next door. The food was ghastly and for future reference bring packed food. 14 hours on the same train is quite something; in the next seats were a couple who live 150 miles north of Toronto and were going for the same QM2 crossing - DofM hopes to catch up with them on-board. Photos will be added once I'm on QM2 and have downloaded the images to the PC (thank goodness we bought a Choir Laptop and brought our own personal one, as this has enabled us both to have easy internet whilst DofM is in NY and Mrs DofM is in Toronto).

A day wandering in New York has been very useful, and he met with Fr. John Andrew, Rector Emeritus of St Thomas Fifth Avenue, at their Noon Mass.

Mrs DofM is still in Toronto - she will be flown under medical escort (!) back to the UK, door-to-door, and on a BA flight, on Saturday night, arriving in Northampton at some point on Sunday. The Insurance company have now agreed to cover the costs, and will pay from henceforth directly. The job will be to extract from them money which we've already paid out - medications, hotel bills, and the like. Still, we're delighted that they have resolved the issue.