Our Route around Europe

Our Route around Europe

Monday, September 1

Still here ...

Well, the weekend has come and gone, and the Insurance Company still don't have all the details they need from Mrs DofM's GP and Specialist Consultant to decide whether they'll insure or not. It would appear that the problems lie in a letter that was sent to the Insurance Co. suggesting Mrs DofM had multiple Hospital admissions in 2008, which was not the case, but it was sent without checking medical records. AAAAARGGH!!! Costs continue to frighten, with a bill of CAD$770 for medications collected today at the Drug Store just down from the Hotel (see view to right, here).

They've not been able to send out a Doctor to fly back with her, so she's stuck here for now. DofM has to leave in the morning for his train ride down to NY ready to pick up the boat on Thursday morning. Mrs DofM is not well enough to take either the train ride or the boat so there is no option but to part in the morning. DofM's Aunty Joyce, a native of UK, but for many years a resident of PA, is planning to drive up (6 hours) to spend some time with Mrs DofM over the next 36 hours so that some of the time is covered.

Fingers crossed it all works out, and we're not sure who'll have the mobile 'phone or the laptop, but one of us hopes to keep you all posted. Thanks to everyone who has chipped in looking after the house and the cats - esp. the Mills brigade who've prepped the house for two failed Hannah arrivals - sorry for inconvenience. We're both looking forward to blighty and getting back to work! Photo at top taken care of T.T., Girl Chorister, pictured with S.J., Boy Chorister, in full Sister Act regalia ready to page-turn in Rochester.
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