Our Route around Europe

Our Route around Europe

Saturday, September 6

Toronto to New York and Sail Away

So, 12 hours down into the voyage back to the UK; so far very good weather and calm seas. Dinner was a shared table with a couple from just outside Toronto, a single Lady from Hampshire, and two couples from the Wirral. Most enjoyable company, and not a word in conversation about music or Church matters, so I now feel like I'm on holiday! We're also blessed on this trip with three members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra who will surely raise the level of performance from that of our last crossing. Photo 1 is of the Niagara Rapids from the Train down from Toronto to New York.

Just before leaving I happened to chance upon a CD in the discount bin at the Julliard School shop of French music for upper voices and organ which includes the Cinq Motets by Langlais that were recorded on "En Priere", but the rest of the repertoire (Busser, Calmel, Godard, Lévy and Pierné) is unknown to me, and some of it is rather good. I'll try and track down scores when back in the UK to add to the new French repertoire that we hope, one day, will become a second French disc for upper voices.

Mrs DofM will leave Toronto on Saturday with her UK Doctor, and will be back in Northampton at some point on Sunday. She sounded much better on the 'phone yesterday, and we plan to keep in touch via scheduled internet chats (the 'phone on board is $4.95 per minute).