Our Route around Europe

Our Route around Europe

Friday, August 15

...New York, New York....

We were still a bit tired after getting up really early, but breakfast was great - bacon and sausages again! We had a great score in room inspection, the best you can get!! Then we had a long coach ride to New York. When we got to the hostel we were not allowed in check in as there were some repairs going on. so we had to go straight to the Church in Times Square after dropping of Father Alan at a Convent. It was extremely hot! we had to leave our stuff on the coach.

The Church was really big with a blue starred ceiling. It looked like a night sky. We had to sing from the gallery high up at the back. So we were looking at the back of the congregation. Then a thunder storm happened while we were singing. Sometimes it was louder than us!!! After the service we had a nice reception from the Church people. Then the boys coach had broken down and a new one had to be sent before we could get back to the Hostel to check in. It was about 9 when we got back and got our rooms. I am rooming with Abby, Becky, Emily, Holly, Megan, Sinead, Amy, Aine, Hannah, Sabina, and Kimberley. Hostel is huge but OK. It is quite exciting. Dinner was very late but OK.

Today we are in Wall Street. We will post some Photos later today.

L.A. (assisted by Dad)