Our Route around Europe

Our Route around Europe

Friday, February 10

Belgium for bed.

We've arrived! Safely across the channel - pity the occasional elderly couples or small families who's dreams of a quiet start to their holiday were ruined by an entire ferry full of teenage coach parties going skiing. And us. The boys behaved brilliantly though - even the older ones who were clearly dying with embarrassment at being forced to wear their high vis, despite the sniggering coachloads of beautiful teenage girls.

No problems whatsoever on the journey from Calais to Mechelen, other than acres of pasta salad on the coach floor. All boys now tucked up in bed - there's no doubt an 8-year old looks very small in a super-starched kingside bed. All younger boys fast asleep and most of the others on their way.

Rehearsal from 9.30-11am tomorrow morning, with our first concert of the tour at the brilliantly named St Rumbold's Cathedral at 1pm. Certainly not over-rehearsed, so let's hope the wind is behind them.

Another post tomorrow, hopefully with some action shots.

Quote of the day, when being handed a bath-mat: "look, it's one of those small towels specially for your lips!"