Our Route around Europe

Our Route around Europe

Sunday, February 12

Germany for snow! Frozen rivers and football

Quote of the day:
Question: "St Paul's letter to the Corinthians was written to the inhabitants of which foreign town?"
Answer: "Marburg!"

Clearly our twin city left an impression of biblical proportion on our choristers!

We were certainly welcomed warmly - with waving flags, chocolate and guidebooks. It is fair to say that the guidebooks were politely put aside in favour of the chocolates, but we'd have worried had the small boys done anything else.

The boys were up bright and early (too bright and too early in the eyes of their weary group leaders!), and we were quickly over to the Elizabethkirche for a rehearsal before the 10:00am service. They did well - we'll make musicians of them yet - and then on across Germany.

We past several deeply frozen rivers, and although we were prepared for the cold (as the sizes of the suitcases will testify!), this is something else! Even the alcohol wipes on the coach are slightly frozen, and unfortunately the coach toilet has been frozen for about a day now. Still, frequent loo breaks and seemingly endless DVDs and competitive quizzes have seen us cross Germany without problems, and we are now safely installed in a very plush hostel in Lubeck. After confusion last night, the boys are already noticeably quicker at making up beds, and the Background humming as they go about their tasks (some of them are quite clearly dwarves, after all) is gradually moving from Lady Gaga to Vaughan Williams, so we must be doing something right! A lovely hot dinner of home-cooked pasta and a bracing game of football in the snow is being swiftly followed by quick showers and bed.

Tomorrow, we move to Denmark at last- bacon and pastries should greet us in abundance. See you there.

P.s. apologies for the delays in regular posts - getting laptop, wifi, camera and spare time all available and present at the same place is proving tricky! This post is without pictures (and posted on a mobile, hence typos!), but there is one on Facebook from this morning, and I can cinfirm they are all present, healthy and correct, and about to pile into their beautifully made beds. Photos on camera to be shared later.

Tschuss, my friends.