Our Route around Europe

Our Route around Europe

Tuesday, August 26

Another day in old York

DofM still here in Toronto - which was formerly known as York, making the Tour "from New York to old York". We're hoping that Mrs DofM will be out of St Michael's Hospital on Thursday and hope to put her on Air Transat to Birmingham International on Friday, arriving in Birmingham on Saturday morning, where we hope someone will meet her and drive her the short distance back down to North Hampton (as everyone insists on calling it). She is much better today, back on a normal Isolation Ward, and no longer requiring IV medications or much use of Oxygen (tho' she'll need constant Oxygen on the flight back). Moving from room 14008 (14th floor, room 8) to 14064 has meant a change of view from the West side to the East - both splendid, but the West side has a great view of the lake.

Have spent the free parts of the day exploring many CD shops in the City looking for evidence of Canadian Choral (and Organ) music of worth; not much to report, but Andrew Ager, DofM at St James' Cathedral (where the Dean has been a great help in making arrangements and providing support for me here) is a fine composer and we may think about a commission in 2009? I've spent some more time in the Cathedral, which is not particularly splendid, but does some great work with outreach in the City, and is looking to build a new Cathedral Center (!) to make more of this in the coming years. We were saddened to hear they could not keep their choir of Boys and Men, but looking at the Music Lists for their adult choir, it is clear that they have been able to keep standards very high with this arrangement.

Looking forward to returning home on QM2 - I'll keep you posted!