Our Route around Europe

Our Route around Europe

Thursday, August 21

Niagara Niagara - So good they named it, well, once ...

As you can see we've only just reached internet after travelling from New York via Albany, Rochester and the Niagara Falls here to Toronto. The Boys and Men sang a great concert in All Saints' Cathedral, Albany, where we were hosted so very well by The Bishop of Albany, the Dean of the Cathedral, the Director of Music and his Assistant. We were also helped along the way by Dr Howard, a parent of one of their boys, who helped get Mrs DofM to the emergency room and back in time for the coach departure after some breathing difficulties. She also got the DofM back to the Cathedral just in time to conduct the concert - many, many thanks! We also gave an impromptu performance at the 12:05pm Eucharist in the Lady Chapel, and in the State House - Albany is the capital of New York State, NOT New York. Their main staircase has a fabulous acoustic (ed: and was just like looking at Piranesi's "Carceri d'Invenzione") we sang "Verily, verily" from memory, and the National Anthem ... both to "la" so as not to muddy the Church/State divide in this political building. In the afternoon rehearsals were briefly abandoned so that we could ride on the Albany Duck - an amphibious vehicle that took us through the town on land and by the River Hudson.
--- H.T. (Choral Scholar)
Simultaneously (long story, it should have been so much simpler!) the Girls' Choir, under the direction of Mr Pinel with Mr Dickson accompanying, performed to nearly 500 people at St Mary's RC Church in Rochester. They performed a first half of French music with organ from the West gallery, and a second half of English music with piano, including Chilcott's A Little Jazz Mass from the East end. The concert was publicised all over the town and on both local radio and TV. They gave us a great Pasta supper and the Days Inn where both choirs stayed that night was a great improvement from the Hostel in New York. (DofM)

We've spent today at the Niagara Falls - a late morning due to driving restrictions meant a late breakfast, and we were delayed at the change-over in Buffalo as Mr DofM pelted to the nearest Pharmacy to get a Prescription filled for Mrs DofM: $190 for sixteen pills! Niagara Falls was amazing, and we had a fine buffet dinner on the 13th floor of the Sheraton Hotel, overlooking the Falls, and a ride on Maid of the Mist, right into the water - fabulous. Our new Coach drivers (we're now on Greyhound Canada, where previously we were on Trans Bridge Lines from Bethlehem, PA) tell us in great detail about everything we see from the coach - the CN Tower, the Baseball stadium (a game between New York and Toronto tonight really clogged up the roads), the "ER" carved into the lampposts on Queen Elizabeth Drive. The accomodation is student rooms - they're pretty good, but the place is a maze and we're still getting on top of the layout. --- E.J. (Girl Chorister)

Tomorrow we're at the Water Park for a second well-earned DAY OFF.