Our Route around Europe

Our Route around Europe

Saturday, August 16

Come again on Washing Day

A brief note from DofM in advance of a chorister blog: yesterday the Boys and Girls sang at a service and concert at Trinity Church, Wall Street, and the men sang a very well attended Mass at St Paul's Roman Catholic Church on 60th, to which all RC boys, girls and parents also went, it being a day of obligation. We were scheduled to hear a performance in an outdoor arena of music for 200 (!) electric guitar, but we were caught in a torrential thunderstorm with wind and rain lashing about all around us.

Once we'd found shelter, Messrs. Adams, Hughes and McGovern took a taxi back to the Hostel, picked up our Dinner, and together with Mrs Freeman brought it back so we could have something to eat whilst waiting in our shelter. A very difficult evening made good by the choristers exemplary behaviour and patience.

Our thanks to the Lincoln Center for providing shelter, and to Officer Trebiano & Harris for helping keep our group together in the pouring rain. Today (Saturday) will be much more straightforward which rehearsals in the morning, and then a return to the Hostel for games in the nearby Central Park.