Our Route around Europe

Our Route around Europe

Saturday, August 16

And God created lots and lots of rain

I woke up at ten past eight, even though breakfast started at eight! There weren't as many options as in the other hotel - bagels, cereal and bits and pieces - nothing fried. Got on the Coach and went down to Trinity Church on Wall Street. It's a pretty nice Church, quite big - we sat on chairs behind the Altar; we rehearsed in a Choir Room and then in the Church, which took just a few minutes. The Boys and Girls sang the service, doing one piece each, and "Jazz Mass" in the concert afterwards. There was a chubby man playing for the hymns and lots of ladies around the Altar, quite different for us. We had lunch in the grounds of the Church, and then went to Ground Zero and St Paul's Chapel where there are lots of memorials - both were very emotional.

We took the Coach up to Central Park and ran around a bit with ice creams and then it started raining. [ed: A.D. takes over here - as part of the Roman Catholic Mass party I went to Mass at St Paul's Church, Columbus Avenue, where Fr. Jamie took a service for lots and lots of Catholics on their day of obligation. The acoustics were good in the Church and the men sang "Ave Maria" by Biebl and Mr Pinel played the organ in his socks too loudly] The outdoor concert went ahead but we were soaked and didn't sit out in the rain and listen to 200 guitars. We stood under a large porch in the Lincoln Center for ages and ages until the food arrived and Mr Dunleavy ran out in the rain to buy a whole crate of Bananas.

Home in the Coach, still wet, and pretty much straight to bed - apart from the older crowd who played in "Down Under", and the Group Leaders who had to do a debrief. My room has five other boys in it, but some rooms have as many as ten in total. The rooms are big enough, but we have to keep them tidy otherwise Fr. Kentigern-Fox doesn't give us a good score when our rooms are inspected. Tomorrow we go to Fifth Avenue to rehearse and then to Central Park in the sun this time! R.M. (Boy Chorister, far right with the medal)